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Plastics Expert

The leading edge of innovation in manufacturing and new product development is driven as much by science as by ideas.  To stay competitive and take advantage of opportunities in a broad range of industries and fields of application, process is just as important as product.  With the internationally renowned expertise of polymer expert Dr. Jozef Bicerano as its focal point, Bicerano & Associates advances your polymer and composite material product research and development to new levels, providing highly specialized service solutions for your product and process development challenges.





Polymer Consulting Services Offered

Bicerano & Associates is a professional services firm, offering tailored solutions to meet any challenge at any stage of a product development process.  Our plastics consulting services, and our rubber, thermoset, and composites consulting services, can all be applied throughout a product development process, or they can be brought in any time that a specific issue is identified.

Polymers and their composites touch every part of our lives and are widely used for countless industrial applications.  As a plastics consultant, and a rubber, thermoset, and composites expert, Dr. Bicerano offers our clients the benefits of his deep understanding of the complex relationships at work in polymeric systems, as well as the practical applications of polymeric materials that have become an integral part of a wide range of industries.

Our solutions can comprise new product research and development, production modifications and optimization, troubleshooting part or process defects, patentable intellectual property development, and more — as well as any combination thereof.

These solutions are accomplished through our range of services, including:

Each of these services is underpinned by a deep conceptual expertise in understanding, predicting, and measuring polymer and composite material formulation-structure-processing-morphology-property-performance relationships, as well as the ability to translate the implications of these complex relationships into practical, actionable product and process recommendations.

We are also able to address any scenario in which requirements and solutions can best be met by other research, development, and production resources; such as universities, research institutes, national laboratories, and more.  We can apply our expertise across industries to researching and recommending the right partner for your specific project and type of business — ensuring access to the expertise, tools, products, and services necessary to deliver optimal results.

Innovative Polymer Solutions for Any Client or Industry

Often, expertise in the field of polymer and composite materials is limited to specific classes or applications of polymers, and thus is only suitable for specific industries or types of businesses.  This is not so with Bicerano & Associates, which is led by a polymer scientist with breadth and depth of knowledge and extensive experience in the complexities of the fundamental physics of these materials.  Our expertise can be applied to the development, use, and modification of any polymeric material for any application.

Moreover, Bicerano & Associates offers proven expertise in working with the full range of business types: established Fortune 500 companies, small privately held companies, startups backed by venture capital, and individual entrepreneurs alike.  We are able to tailor and focus the solutions we offer to meet your needs, regardless of company size.

Working with Bicerano & Associates

Once we learn the details of your business, your product, your stage of development, and any challenges you are currently facing, we are able to begin the application of our expertise and services.  We provide you with a synopsis of the expected deliverables and results, and update these whenever necessary throughout the development of a solution.

At their core, our services are deeply research-oriented — driven by unparalleled expertise but focused on a customized, tailor-made solution that can only be the result of exhaustive research and world-class expertise.  Above all, we strive to provide results-driven solutions with measurable benefits in keeping your company competitive and successful.


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