Polymer and Composite Material Legal Services

 The role of an expert witness is often paramount in patent infringement and product liability lawsuits.  It is critical for an expert witness to formulate and communicate scientifically valid, quantitative, and irrefutable evidence.  Bicerano & Associates provides consulting expert services, assisting attorneys and polymer and composite expert witnesses in areas such as:

  • Providing insights based on breadth and depth of knowledge
  • Material testing and characterization
  • Measurements on actual specimens
  • Analysis of patents

These are just a few examples of areas where incisive insights and hard data are critical needs to back up the assertions of an expert witness.  In many instances, the insights and data provided by a consulting expert can even lead to the favorable settlement of an adversarial situation without going to trial.  Our science-backed processes and access to advanced analytical laboratory facilities — as well as the breadth and depth of our expertise — enable us to assist attorneys and expert witnesses. 

Our consulting services are based on the deep expertise we have developed in polymer and composite patents, intellectual property, and advanced analytical capabilities across a broad range of polymers and composites.  By understanding and anticipating the types of questions that may arise in particular types of cases, as well as common counterarguments, we are uniquely equipped to help attorneys and expert witnesses prepare in the most effective way possible.  Since these types of situations are adversarial and can often be unpredictable, we provide assistance in developing the strongest possible foundation to provide the evidence and answers that are needed for difficult, complex questions.  For example:

  • Is the composition of a material within the range protected by an active patent?
  • Is the manufacturing process for a product protected by an active patent?
  • Why did a critical component fail and cause an accident?

Entrust Bicerano & Associates With Your Consulting Expert Needs

Our access to ISO-9001 certified analytical laboratory facilities and expertise — as well as access to even more specialized laboratory resources through research and partnerships with national laboratories, universities, and advanced facilities — ensures that we can back up our hypotheses and arguments with hard data of the highest reliability.  Moreover, access to top-of-the-line, cutting-edge technology creates a better chance that opposing arguments will not be reinforced with more advanced or specialized science.  

Our clients can depend on our knowledge of the subtleties and complexities of polymer and composite materials and of related chemical technology to serve them well in the capacity of consulting expert, no matter how difficult or adversarial.  When working with us, you are assured not only of research and results of the highest order, but also the quality of services that you require and deserve.  As experienced professionals, we work to understand your specific needs with our chief goal being the application of our ability to address these needs successfully.  Your results are always our key indicator of success.

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