Specialized Polymer Expertise for Comprehensive Solutions

The versatility and utility of manufacturing with polymers and composite materials make it an in-demand process for a host of applications ranging from high-volume, enterprise production of legacy products; to development and testing of new products created by entrepreneurs and innovative corporations; and everything in between.

It is critical to remain competitive through innovation as technologies advance and markets change. In pursuit of pushing past conventions to maintain an edge, it is natural to encounter unexpected problems in design, material selection, production, and more. Drawing on polymer and composite science and technology is among the best-proven ways to solve all of these issues, and we offer unparalleled expertise and quality to address your needs.

The applications and potential of polymers and composites are nearly limitless. Because of this, when confronted with a design or production challenge, the potential solutions can also seem overwhelming, and, paradoxically, out of reach. Polymer and composite materials science enable these limitless applications to be broken down, analyzed, and used as the basis to engineer reliable solutions for any type of product, in any industry. At Bicerano & Associates, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions by addressing the intricacies of polymers, thermoplastics, and composites at multiple scales, ranging from the molecular level to phase domain morphologies and interfaces.

For companies ranging from one-employee startups to the largest established firms, the constraints of allocated R&D investment and resources can become most apparent when faced with the detailed issues of material chemistry and technology. Bicerano & Associates Consulting is pleased to offer our industry-proven knowledge and services to help.

When fast, measurable, and actionable results are critical, prototyping and testing on a “trial and error” basis are simply not enough — from both a time and resourcing standpoint. In these scenarios, polymer and composite technology development can provide engineered solutions that are specially researched and designed, backed by physical properties and data, to get you to a production-ready state — no matter at which stage of the product development process we join you.

Our expertise in science-based polymer, thermoplastics and composite material design, testing, processes, and development enables us to provide our clients the most focused, efficient, and cost-effective services. For you, that means fast, effective solutions, in line with your budget. We have an ISO 9001-certified strategic partner for analytical laboratory services. The capabilities of specialized service laboratories focusing on advanced composites, textiles, materials used in oil and gas exploration and production, surface science, and optics, as well as of laboratories at universities and nonprofit research institutions, have also been utilized when needed in past projects. We also have access to additional resources for technical information and business intelligence.

Please contact us now at (912) 235-2238, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or use our online form to discuss your polymer and composite product and process challenges.  The first consultation session is always provided free of charge.

Polymer and Composite Services

Product research and development:

In order to remain competitive, it has become the norm for companies from all industries to work with partners for product research and development purposes — gaining an edge in innovation and time to market while remaining focused on their own core competencies and strengths. We offer a best-in-class solution that can provide technology and market opportunity assessments, product ideation and concept shaping services, design, prototyping, testing, and production. We are also well-versed in obtaining patents, and are able to assist our clients in protecting their intellectual property (IP).

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Material selection, design, and development:

When addressing design and process challenges, which become ever more common when innovating and creating new products, material selection is often the most effective solution. We provide cost-efficient, unique, and effective solutions through our engineered polymer and composite research processes.

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Material testing and characterization:

Our ISO 9001-certified analysis laboratory partner provides testing services for any material you may wish to work with, as well as any composite or blend that we might design in the course of developing a material solution for you. We also have access to a network of additional resources for experimental work. With the experimental data in hand, we then provide detailed understanding in a way that is immediately useful to you.

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Technology assessment:

We live in an era of explosive progress in science and technology, as evidenced by the accelerating growth of the scientific literature, patent literature, and trade journal literature. Our technology assessment services help clients derive commercial value from this progress. It is most common for a client to request these services at an early stage of entry into a new technology area so that the recommendations resulting from the assessment can provide both high-level strategic guidance and detailed tactical guidance into the client’s exploration of a technology frontier. A technology assessment project involves the identification of what is really important in vast amounts of information, the development of sound strategic and tactical recommendations, and the presentation of the findings both in writing and orally in a thorough, effective, and timely manner.

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Enhancing environmental sustainability:

Polymers and composites are ubiquitous as materials of construction of products used in a vast range of applications. The main areas of focus for enhancing environmental sustainability through polymer and composite materials science are increasing the percentage of ingredients obtained or derived from environmentally friendly feedstocks used in manufacturing such products, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing processes, and improving the methods utilized for the disposal of used products and of scraps from product manufacturing processes. We help clients enhance the environmental sustainability of their technologies by providing services addressing each of these types of challenges.

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Technical project management:

One of our most valuable services is identifying academic research groups, national laboratories, and other resources that can be of the greatest utility to our clients and then helping our clients form productive collaborations with these external entities. We are also able to help clients with their in-house technical management needs — including helping them form and manage technical project teams with a focus on performance and results.

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Legal services:

As a supplement to our patent and IP services, we are well-suited to serve as a consulting expert in patent infringement and product liability lawsuits. Our science-backed processes and access to advanced analytical laboratory facilities, as well as the breadth and depth of our expertise, enable us to provide data-based evidence and incisive insights in these difficult situations. 

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